Secnolum DAO Launchpad



DAO Launchpad for the development of Web3, GameFi, DeFi build on blockhain networks

Secnolum DAO Launchpad is a token sale platform on The Open Network that connects blockchain projects/developers with the global community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, private and institutional investors.

Launchpad works on the principle of DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). It is managed by the capital-generating community.

We give projects a simple and convenient way to launch their tokens, as well as a secure and reliable platform for investors to buy tokens and raise project transparency;

With the help of launchpad, creators can raise funds to build, launch projects, or do the marketing of their projects.

Secnolum Lab participants:

  • Private and institutional investors
  • Projects / Companies / Businesses
  • Partners / Ambassadors
  • Professional Teams


  • To attract and accumulate global private and institutional investors on one platform;
  • Providing start-up liquidity;
  • Create infrastructure for fast start-up and funding of projects / companies / businesses / industry platforms using blockchain technology;
  • Ensure transparency of projects / companies / tokens.
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Road map

Completed stages

August 2022

✔️ Finalizing the idea and concept

✔️ Strategic planning. Hypotheses and development scenarios

✔️ Road map

✔️ Development of technical requirements / platform architecture

September 2022
✔️ Launch the test version
✔️ New design

Upcoming Stages

Q4 2022

  • White paper v1
  • Connect Tonkeeper, TON Hub wallets
  • Decentralized launchpad implementation, based on TON smart-contracts
  • API development (GameFi integration)
  • Design / interface update
  • User profiles (Investor, Business);
  • Accepting payments in the TON
  • Launch fundraising
  • Launch token
  • Launch bridge TON <> BNB Chain
  • Alliance / Partners/ Ambassador programs
  • Engaging Developers/Team/Projects/Companies

Q1 2023

  • Accept payments USDT
  • White List Mechanics Release.
  • Release of the "DAO" mechanic. Governance interface development;
  • Launch of swap (integration into DEX)
  • Release of "AirDrop" mechanics
  • "Staking" release (DEX integration)
  • "Farming" release (DEX integration)
  • Dividend distribution mechanics and Launch
  • Mechanics and pages "Issue" and "asset management"









Company status: Seed stage

Token Holder Rights: Dividends, Governance, Equity share, Trading

Token Details

Ticker: SLAB

Price: 1 SLAB = USD

Blockchain platform: The Open Network

Token Standart: Jetton

Legal Aspects

Regulation rules: DAO & Smart-contracts

Jurisdiction: Decentralized

Forbidden countries: Decentralized

Whitelist: Yes