Tonlanders game

Tonlanders is a cross-platform GameFi and Play to Earn metaverse, city-building business simulation about development and growth built on The Open Network blockchain, creating unique experiences with and for our community from around the world.

Build and manage your own online business. Everything players own in the metaverse is NFT - land, buildings, animals and even player avatars.

Earn from your NFTs. Complete daily challenges, pass trials and get new cryptocurrency TonlandCoin, withdraw to TONCOIN or buy exclusive in-game NFTs that will increase your earnings.

What can be placed on the plots:

🐑 Sheep;
🏡 Residential buildings;
🏭 Industrial buildings;
⛏ Ore mining buildings;
🔬 Science Buildings / Laboratories;
🌾 Agriculture;
🚚 Transportation;
🛣 Roads / Logistics;
♾ Lots of other NFTs.

Only one type of production or building can be put on the plots.

The core of the game

The core of Tonlanders is an economic strategy; it has a built-in mechanism for
developing a civilization or a business empire - players mine resources, sell or
buy them for $TonlandCoin on the resource exchange, or save to create new
NFTs, such as buildings. These buildings upgrade a civilization, city, or business
and accelerate the player's growth, receiving rewards for this.


TonlandCoin ($TLC) is a game token used in the Tonlanders universe to run the
global economy.
Players will receive $TonlandCoin as a reward for in-game activity, player-toplayer transfer, game progression, and other activities.

TonlandCoin Use Cases

● Staking;
● Farming;
● Building:
● Buying / selling gaming NFTs;
● Payments in Tonrare.com - NFT Marketplace;
● Upgrading players' technology;
● Purchase/sale of resources on the resource exchange;
● Road construction.










Company status: Startup

Accepts: TON, USDT

Issuer: Secnolum

Token Holder Rights: Governance, Equity share, In game, Trading

Token Details

Ticker: TLC

Price: 1 TLC = USD

Blockchain platform: The Open Network

Token Standart: Jetton

Legal Aspects

Regulation rules: DAO & Smart-contracts

Jurisdiction: Decentralized

Whitelist: Yes